membership @ united

What is membership? What does it mean to join a church? As a follower of Jesus, is membership in a church necessary?

We believe the best way to think about church membership is to think of it as joining the team - it’s getting out of the stands, putting on the jersey, and getting in the game.  Because on a team, EVERYONE is needed.  EVERYONE has a role to play.  And EVERYONE needs each other.  And joining the team is entirely voluntary.  

Joining a church as a member is NOT like joining a social club where you pay dues to keep your name on a membership roll and enjoy the privileges of status.

Being a church member is committing to the team. It’s committing time, and resources, and talents and abilities to the team.  It’s taking ownership that this church is MY team, these are MY people, MY teammates, and the game of reaching those people who are without Jesus is the most important game in town! Being a part of a local, specific church is an outward sign and reflection of our inner personal relationship with Jesus.


In 2016, The Wesleyan Church said, as a denomination, that we want membership to be about joining the team, owning our role on the team, and taking ownership of the game itself. We said that membership is best thought of as part of our process of becoming more like Jesus (discipleship). At its best, membership should be a tool to help us grow in our faith.            

To do that, the Wesleyan Church provides an annual opportunity to “re-commit” or “re-up” as a member every year. Membership is no longer a “one and done” decision.  Membership renewal is an annual opportunity to ask ourselves “How am I being a part of the team?”  and an opportunity to consider saying, “I want to re-commit to the mission of Jesus here in this specific, local church.” It is an annual reminder to consider my specific role in the bigger picture of God’s work and movement at United, asking: How do I fit? How can I help?

So for the next few weeks, everyone will be given the opportunity to renew or “re-up” as a member of United Wesleyan Church; to re-engage and re-commit to the mission of Jesus at United!

Are you ready to join the team?