Starting Over

REGRETS - We all have them. The good news is this: You CAN start over. You can even learn to love your regrets and grow from them. It's never too late to start over.

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the scandal of christmas

When you read the Christmas story in the bible, it begins with a genealogy . . . Jesus's family tree.  But when you trace Jesus’ family tree, you will notice adulterers, murderers, prostitutes, and other scandalous characters.  Yet, scripture doesn’t try to hide the skeletons in Jesus’ closet - it actually seems to highlight it.  Why is this?  And why does it matter for you?  Before the Christmas story was about carols, presents, and cute kids programs, it was controversial and suspect.  And yet it is a story that claims the unthinkable:  That no one is too scandalous, too shameful, too messed up, or too far gone.  It claims that God himself became a man to be with and pursue such people.  Are you ready to embrace the scandal of Christmas?”

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